Stainless steel frame
Inside + Outside

All our GLASSFLOOR are manufactured with stainless steel frames for a long-term and sustainable solution. The high-quality material rounds off the noble design of our floor glazing as an outer frame and is at the same time resistant to natural external influences. We also opt for a stainless steel solution for the inner frame because our many years of experience have shown that we can guarantee all the necessary parameters: from aesthetics to dimensional stability to vapour tightness.


  • stainless chromium steel
  • vapor-proof
  • salt-resistant
  • resistant against mechanical influences
  • elegant and high quality design

Technical details

  • Material standard: 1.4301, V2A
  • Increase to V4A possible

For the use of exposed objects due to salty sea air or an increased load due to snow clearing with salt, the chrome steel quality can be increased from V2A to V4A.