Exclusive option: PRIVA-LITE® - privacy at the touch of a button

From opaque to transparent. With the new, exclusive PRIVA-LITE® option, the state of the lenses can be easily changed at the touch of a button.


GLASSFLOOR is the first walk-in skylight with PRIVA-LITE® Technology. This innovation combines two seemingly mutually exclusive wishes: more daylight and more privacy. This opens up completely new possibilities for designing bright, light-flooded rooms, whether in the comfort of your own home or in public spaces.

Here's how it works:

PRIVA-LITE® is a laminated glass made of liquid crystals. Through the electrical switching process, one can change the glass from an opaque, milky pane to a clear, transparent pane.

By nature, the glass is milky white. As a result, it provides privacy while still remaining translucent. When an electrical voltage is applied, i.e. when you switch on PRIVA-LITE®, the crystals will align themselves so that the laminated glass immediately becomes transparent.


  • Discretion in seconds
  • Dynamic privacy control
  • Unique transparency when switched on
    of approx. 77 % (± 2 %) at 2x5TVG
  • Low power consumption approx. 7VA/m²
    in transparent state
  • Very high reliability and durability

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