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GLASSFLOOR Project reference

Trade journal "Světlo" reports about GLASSFLOOR

In the Czech professional journal "Licht" an article appeared on GLASSFLOOR concerning the project "School and Sport Ried".

The article highlights the project "Schule und Sport Ried" from the planning phase with daylight calculations according to EN 17037 (standard for daylight in buildings) to the realisation of the project. In addition to the presentation of GLASSFLOOR as an innovative product, the reader is also shown the differences between Swiss and Slovakian or Czech standard requirements.

The article reviewed was Doc Ing. Stanislav Darula, CSc., Professor of Daylighting. Mr Darula conducts research at the Slovak Acadmey of Sciences (SAS) and teaches at all building faculties in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the field of "daylighting" and was co-author of the new daylighting standard EN 17037.


Journal: Světlo
Publication date: 12.03.2021
Author: Miroslav Fabian
Reviewer: Doc. Ing. Stanislav Darula, CSc.