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GLASSFLOOR Project reference

Project: Round walkable skylights for playground

In the new construction of the Kočevje nursery school in Slovenia, four GLASSFLOOR circle on one of the playgrounds provide the interior rooms below with sufficient daylight and create new perspectives.

The collaboration takes place with a renowned architectural firm Svet Vmes, which has already innovatively planned and implemented numerous school projects in Slovenia. These include interventions in Ljubliana, Kranj, Postojna etc. and now a Kindergarten in Kočevje.

Renderings by SVET VMES

Architecture for more interaction

The innovative project is based on architecture that creates different spatial perspectives and enables new forms of interaction. Different levels and many windows create connections between the outdoor and indoor spaces. The skylights on the playground on the first floor open up a new vertical level of visibility for the children.

Renderings by SVET VMES

Making space a new experience for children

The interior of the kindergarten, where the children spend most of their time, is flooded with natural daylight thanks to the GLASSFLOOR. The skylights serve as a vertical visual link between the interior and the playground on the second floor. A whole new spatial perspective is opened up to the children, with views both outside and inside for expansive vistas and a tangible experience of height.

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Walkable, antislip, flush-mounted 

With their flush-mounted design, the skylights blend harmoniously into their surroundings, can be walked on and are suitable for the children's playground thanks to antislip protection. The walkable skylights thus represent an appealingly aesthetic as well as an optimally functional solution in that the children can continue to use the break area without danger.

GLASSFLOOR delivers internationally

In this project we deliver four standard sizes of GLASSFLOOR circle with 1 m diameter to Slovenia. As a complete solution, our skylights are quick and easy to install. In addition, our Video Tutorials specialists on site help with the installation of the glass.


Project: Kočevje kindergarten
Architectural office : Svet Vmes Architectural design
Client: Municipality Kočevje
Realisation Project: 2022