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GLASSFLOOR Project reference

20m long skylight for swimming pool

A long skylight strip of 20 x 1 m brings daylight into the swimming hall below. Another skylight strip of 8.5 x 0.7 m was installed on one of the seating areas for a daylit fitness room. The planning and elaboration was done in cooperation with the architectural office Glasnhof (https://www.glasnhof.de) GLASSFLOOR installed the custom-made product on site.
Exterior view of a walkable GLASSFLOOR Skylight strip from Heliobus
Exterior and interior view of a swimming pool hall with a daylight solution by GLASSFLOOR by Heliobus
Interior view of a swimming pool lane with a walkable GLASSFLOOR daylight solution
Exterior view of a custom-made, walkable skylight GLASSFLOOR skylight strip from Heliobus
Interior view of a swimming pool with a walk-in daylight solution from GLASSFLOOR by Heliobus
Exterior view of a terrace with walkable skylights from Heliobus GLASSFLOOR
Interior view of a fitness room with a walk-in GLASSFLOOR daylight solution