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GLASSFLOOR Project reference
GLASSFLOOR Chrome Illustration


Exterior view of a terrace with walkable GLASSFLOOR skylights
Exterior view of a walkable GLASSFLOOR Skylight strip from Heliobus
Interior view of a modern apartment with a skylight solution from GLASSFLOOR Heliobus
Exterior view of a GLASSFLOOR Custom made
Exterior view of a school break area with GLASSFLOOR Skylights for more daylight in the basement
Robust and usable everywhere - The GLASSFLOOR chrome is a real eye-catcher, in the positive sense of the word. Its wider stainless steel frame of 4 cm also ensures high dimensional stability.

Standard dimensions

Our standard dimensions refer to the ceiling recess dimension (A).

Scheme GLASSFLOOR Chrome
Ceiling recess dimension AClearance BOuter dimension CCNS frame profile H
in cm (L x W)in cm (L x W)in cm (L x W)Height in cm
80 x 8072 x 7296 x 9612
100 x 10092 x 92116 x 11612
120 x 80112 x 72136 x 9612
120 x 120112 x 112136 x 13612
200 x 50192 x 42216 x 6612
250 x 80242 x 72266 x 9612

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