Antislip protection

We generally recommend for all our GLASSFLOOR slip resistance basic, as this only very slightly restricts the view to the outside and to the inside. Even the slip resistance all-over still allows a very good light transmission, but no direct view through anymore. In public areas, however, all-over slip resistance may be mandatory.

Slip resistance Basic

Slip resistance basic


  • very translucent,
    up to 95% light transmittance
  • striped screen printing
    (3mm matt / 3mm clear)
  • Slip resistance BFU tested: GS2, DIN 51130: R11.
Slip resistance all-over

Slip resistance all-over


  • light transmittance,
    up to 88% light transmittance
  • full-screen printing
  • offers privacy function
  • Slip resistance BFU tested: GS3, DIN 51130: R12.