General certificate of supervision of construction

After many tests and calculations we received for "Heliobus Glassfloor" the general certificate of supervision of construction ("allgemeines bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis") P-15-001553-PR03-IFT for walkable skylights chapter 5 after DIN 18008 according No 2.43.3 Buidling Rules List, chapter 2, version 2015/5 from "Institut für Fenstertechnik" Rosenheim.

After this Glassfloor dimensions up to max. 2560mm x 1460mm are both statically as experimentally tested for use in the private and public sectors after the latest norms. The test document is available in german herefileadmin/user_upload/15-001553-PR03_AbP-H05-05-de-01.pdf.

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