Glassfloor’s walkable skylights are available in various designs and provide the ideal solution for terraces, lawns, and walkable roofs. Thanks to the sill-free integration of the glass in the surrounding floor no surface area is lost. The skylights not only let daylight into interiors, but create a fresh sense of space and provide a stylish highlight. 

Apartment in Zurich’s Old Town

Here, the walkable skylight is used as a light strip, which creates a friendlier and lighter atmosphere in the dining area below. The full-surface antislip protection simultaneously provides exterior view protection.

Chalet in France

Two large skylights with separate glass panes let daylight into the bath and shower area of the chalet. The heated inner glass reduces condensation, and the full-surface antislip protection simultaneously provides exterior view protection. The entire surface of the terrace can be walked upon.

House in Eggersriet

In order to ensure the optimum amount of daylight in the basement workshop, two skylights measuring 100 × 100 cm were installed in the terrace. The walkable skylights allow the whole surface of the veranda to be used by the family.

House in Wangen-Brüttisellen

The square Glassfloor chrome merges seamlessly and elegantly with the terrace of the house and allows those in the room below to see the weather and time of day.

House in Bottighofen

Three rectangular Glassfloor chrome measuring 250 × 80 cm brighten up the private indoor swimming pool and provide stylish highlights in the interior. The focus for the exterior was on the aesthetic appearance.

Fire station and municipal-services depot in Hünibach

Eight Glassfloor pure skylights are elegantly integrated into the structure of the fire station and municipal-services depot in Hünibach. The whole surface of the terrace can thus be used as a break area and meeting point, and the rooms below benefit from natural lighting from above.

House in Bonaduz

In the garden of this modern new-build located on a slope, three circular skylights with a diameter of one meter were installed level with the ground. The basement garage becomes a lighter, more dynamic space thanks to the daylight flooding in.

Sömmerli retirement home in St. Gallen

The walkway connects the two buildings of the retirement home. Eight rectangular Glassfloor chrome skylights measuring 80 × 250 cm installed in an unconventional layout provide changing daylight and make the walkway a lighter and more interesting space. The seamless installation allows residents to walk safely on the entire upper surface of the walkway.

Paracelsus Berit Klinik

Several Glassfloor circle (diameter 100 cm) are bringing daylight into the building of Paracelsus-Klinik Speicher (CH).