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GLASSFLOOR Project reference

Villa district: 12 skylights for the Riedacker residential development in Muri

The villa quarter with exclusive condominiums and rental flats will be equipped with a total of 12 GLASSFLOORS from Heliobus. The future residents of the residential development can expect many advantages: living in the middle of nature, plenty of peace and privacy, proximity to the city and good transport links.

The collaboration is with the construction group Frutiger AG from Thun for the exclusive villa quarter Riedacker near Muri.

Renderings by Swissinteractive AG

High quality and exclusive

A total of 12 park villas, 9 for ownership and 3 for rent, are being built in Riedacker. The generous panoramic windows open up views of the natural surroundings and spacious terraces convey a nature-oriented living feeling.

The exclusive and high-quality interior design of the condominiums creates an exceptional atmosphere.

Renderings by Swissinteractive AG

Living in the countryside with proximity to the city

Due to the arrangement of the houses, the currency of privacy is no longer a problem. Strong oaks and willows serve as structuring visual and sound protection. Living in the park offers a green environment, there is no road traffic or street noise. The houses are distributed throughout the park, prudently structured lawns lie between the buildings, grasses and flowering perennials provide targeted colourful accents.

Renderings by Swissinteractive AG

First class and functional

The floor plans were adapted to the different interests and needs of the future residents and offer freedom for individuality. Quality, design and durability came first.

Plan Riedacker Muri

GLASSFLOORalso delivers on a grand scale

For this project we supply twelve GLASSFLOORchrome of skylights with a standard size of 2 by 0.5 metres with privacy protection and slip resistance basic. As a complete solution, our skylights are quick and easy to install. In addition, our Video Tutorials specialists on site help with the installation of the glass.


Project: Riedacker residential development, Muri
Architectural office: Frutiger AG
Interior Design: atelier oï-sa
Realisation Project: 2022