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GLASSFLOOR Project reference

New project videos show a wide range of possible uses for GLASSFLOOR

The walkable skylights from GLASSFLOOR serve as innovative design elements in modern architecture. Whether custom-made or large quantities of standard sizes - for every project we have GLASSFLOOR a solution.

A 20-metre long custom-made skylight
illuminates underground swimming hall

A long skylight strip of 20 x 1 m brings daylight into the swimming hall below. Another skylight strip of 8.5 x 0.7 m was installed on one of the seating areas for a daylit fitness room. GLASSFLOOR installed the customised fabrication on site. Cooperation with engineering office Glasnhof Studio.

24 skylights integrated into the break area illuminate an underground sports hall

The new building of the "Schule und Sport Ried", a primary school in Köniz (BE) vividly demonstrates the qualities of GLASSFLOOR - condensed building without loss of daylight. The work for the project by Seiten GLASSFLOOR included daylight calculations, dimensioning and placement of the skylights as well as their number for optimal lighting of the sports hall. Cooperation took place with Büning-Pfaue Kartmann Architekten.