GLASSFLOOR expands in Europe - new partnerships

Through the new distribution partnerships with Sola System Slovakia s.r.o, Slovakia and WT-Windows Tomorrow s.r.o Czech Republic opens up GLASSFLOOR new emerging markets in Eastern Europe. Production takes place in Switzerland, and the partners receive exclusive distribution rights.

The Czech Republic with almost 11 million and the Slovak Republic with 5.5 million inhabitants represent an enormous potential for GLASSFLOOR construction. Both construction sectors have experienced above-average growth in recent years. Architects and builders in both countries are looking for innovative and high-quality products.

Experience and know-how
Both partners have many years of experience and know-how in the area of daylight and the installation and implementation of daylight products. They are oriented towards country-specific and European daylight standards and are also able to carry out daylight calculations themselves or to check them as experts.

Competent advisors
When choosing partners, their competence in providing high-quality, customer-oriented advice played an important role. Their knowledge of the daylight sector as well as their experience in the sale of high-quality products, which includes technical processing, were convincing.

Well positioned for nationwide market development
Both partners have the necessary infrastructures, both on the technical and on the personnel level, to be able to develop the respective markets nationwide. Both companies have their headquarters in the respective capitals.

Mutual sympathy
Last but not least, mutual sympathy also laid the foundation for a successful and enriching cooperation. Mr Fabian, COO of Heliobus and
GLASSFLOOR, built up the partnerships and has already visited the new partners on site. Thus GLASSFLOOR now officially welcomes Mr Vladimir Adamec (Sola System Slovakia s.r.o, Slovakia) and Mr Radomir Kucera (WT-Windows Tomorrow s.r.o, Czech Republic) on board.