Europe's first approved prefabricated solution for walk-on fire-resistant glazing with the highest fire protection classes.


The first walkable skylight with PRIVA-LITE® technology. The state of the glass can be changed from opaque to transparent - privacy at the touch of a button.


GLASSFLOOR creates modern living spaces in perfect harmony with nature. The sill-free integrated skylight  gives a wonderful view of the sky, while rooms are flooded with light transforming new living and working spaces.


GLASSFLOOR fulfills the highest standards and allows the blending of architectural extravagance with timeless elegance. Years of experience, innovative engineering and selected materials guarantee perfect functionality.


Natural light falls through the glass components into the extended living spaces and creating a unique and ever throughout the day - both at dawn and in the moonlight.

Walkable skylights – For Brighter Living

With its noble, sleeperless design, the GLASSFLOOR harmoniously with its surroundings and floods the rooms below with daylight. The walkability of the glass allows full use of the space without any loss of area. Can be used as flat roof windows, terrace elements or as walk-on floor glazing in your own home. GLASSFLOOR convinces with functionality and design - an elegant alternative for skylight domes.


New GLASSFLOOR Partner for Western Balkans

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia are now represented by our partner Denis Gluhar.

New: GLASSFLOOR FIRESTOP - walk-on fire resistant glazing certified REI 30 to REI 120-RF1

Unique in Europe: The first certified prefabricated solution for walk-on fire resistant glazing with the highest fire protection classes up to and including REI 120-RF1. VKF certified and tested according to EU standards: EN 1363-1, EN 1365-2

GLASSFLOOR Meets highest values in product test according to EU standards

The skylights from GLASSFLOOR achieve the highest classes according to EU standards in the product test. They were tested for air permeability, water tightness and U-value.

Exclusive option: PRIVA-LITE® - privacy at the touch of a button

GLASSFLOOR is the only walkable skylight with PRIVA-LITE® technology. The exclusive option allows the glass to be switched from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button.

Video: Insight into the production

A cargo full GLASSFLOOR! Get an insight into the production of GLASSFLOOR.
Watch the video now.

Video: Professional assembly with GLASSFLOOR

GLASSFLOOR stands for high-quality walk-in skylights, but also for high-quality and professional service. We find a solution for a smooth installation even in difficult situations.
Watch the video now.

Discover GLASSFLOOR at the "Bauen & Modernisieren" in Zurich

Visit us at this year's "Bauen & Modernisieren" in Zurich. Heliobus AG will be presenting its products such as GLASSFLOOR and the mirror shaft.

Villa district: 12 skylights for the Riedacker residential development in Muri

A new villa quarter with exclusive condominiums and rental flats will be equipped with a total of 12 GLASSFLOORS from Heliobus.

Save time with our System Solution

For each GLASSFLOOR we offer a custom-made insulating frame (30-250mm). Together they provide the perfect system solution for thermal insulation and external sealing. The insulating frame can also be made for slopes on request. The combination of insulating frame and GLASSFLOOR allows quick installation and efficient external waterproofing for all types of flat roof waterproofing.

Available according to various standards

We produce our skylights according to different standards, depending on the requirements. 

  • DIN EN 1991-1-1
  • DIN 18008-5:2013-7
  • DIN EN 1991-1-1
  • DIN 18008-5:2013-7

CSTB n° 3448 de mars 2003
CSTB = Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction

  • DIN EN 1991-1-1
  • DIN 18008-5:2013-7


  • SIA261 Cat.C3
  • DIN EN 1991-1-1
  • DIN 18008-5:2013-7

A duo that complements each other perfectly.

Dr. sc. techn. Miroslav Fabian

PhD Daylight Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava
Slovak Academy of Sciences, ICA SAS

Dipl. Civil Engineer Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

Memberships & Collaboration
  • Collaboration on the EU standard EN 17 037 Daylighting in buildings
  • Professional member of the Solar Energy Society
  • Member International Commission on Illumination CIE
  • Member JTC 15 Lighting of Indoor Workplaces, Revision ISO 8995-1:2002(E)/CIE S 008/E:2001 Lighting of Work Places
  • Member TC -3-54 Revision: CIE 16-1970: Daylight in the light of the advances in technology and design

Rudolf Signer
Founder and developer

Dipl. Civil Engineer University of Applied Sciences St.Gallen

Dipl. Energie Ing. University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Basel

Building Physics & Ecology Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW

All this is GLASSFLOOR

Affordable & immediately available

We offer custom-made and standard products at attractive prices. Standard sizes are available immediately from stock.

Best Quality

We only use high-quality materials: extra-clear glass for maximum light transmission values and a colour-neutral, clear view. The outer and inner frames are made of stainless chrome steel for maximum dimensional stability and resistance to natural, external influences.

Timeless Design

The minimal and timeless design of GLASSFLOOR blends seamlessly into its surroundings. The walk-in glass sets architectural accents for a new sense of space and well-being thanks to more natural daylight.

Quick & Easy to install

GLASSFLOOR offers architects, planners and roofers the perfect ready-made solution for thermal insulation and external sealing. Our skylights are supplied as a complete solution - and only need to be foamed and screwed into place. Prefabricated metal lugs and holes on the outer frame facilitate placement with a construction crane and screwing into the support.

System solution with matching insulation frame

We supply the matching insulation frame on request for an even more efficient installation and sealing process. The insulation frames are very robust thanks to a fully bonded pressure distribution frame and can also be manufactured as a height compensation or slope element on request.

Swiss Engineering with
international focus.

Regionally anchored, internationally oriented. Our roots are in eastern Switzerland. As a dynamic and forward-looking team, we focus on national and international sales markets.